Resource efficiency

How to save money and natural resources

It is not how much you earn but how much you spend. However, we will not just save, we want to make money! Efficiency of resources not only saves money but improves the market value and image. It is more and more lucrative to develop the way your company uses its resources.


We are good at:

  • Optimizing processes. Producing goods and services by using as little natural resources as possible while making as much money as possible. A top optimizer will even sell the waste.
  • Utilizing industrial by-products. Let’s recycle all the leftovers and by-products of waste treatment and produce raw material for new products.
  • Natural resource and energy economics. We all know local food, however, in the future there will also be local materials and local energy. Communities will have their own power stations and construction can use local materials.
  • Built environment. How could buildings minimize their energy and material consumption during construction and in use?
  • Waste-to-energy. Computers blow warm air and wastewater treatment creates heat. How can we use these to heat buildings?
  • Biomass plants. The by-products of agriculture and forestry – straws, twigs, tree stumps and cow manure – are processed into energy or raw material.


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