Measurement technology

How do we know that we have succeeded?

Our know-how in measurement technology creates solutions concerning air, water, energy and resource efficiency. The environmental legislation is tightening all around the world and at the same time opening new market areas.


We are good at:

  • Online measurement. Traditionally, the problems in water quality have been only measured after the damage is done. Online measurement is in constant control and up-to-date when fast changes happen and can even prevent incidents from happening.
  • Measuring and data processing. Meter A goes beep and meter B blinks a red light. Presenting results in an understandable manner: what are the conclusions and what should be done next?
  • Visualizing measurement. Make the invisible visible. Visualizing the measurements tells us e.g. how clean a puff of emission is.
  • Printable sensors. In the future, we can not only print text and images on paper but also sensors. What do you think of wallpaper that monitors air quality and activates an alarm if needed?
  • Intelligent multi-sensors. Attentive machines. An intelligent multi-sensor measures the target for several things while taking into account their reciprocity.


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